Upon greeting each other at the beginning of the session, we were informed that Belen spoke mostly Spanish, being from South America. So I pulled out my years of Spanish learned in my young adult years, and it came out so awful! I was really disappointed, because I used to really enjoy it and be pretty decent at it. Nevertheless, she made a beautiful bride despite all my confusing directions and conversations. They were both personable and had a sweet spirit about being together. 

What's more, is this beautiful fuchsia blossomed-tree and spied months ago. I knew I wanted to shoot a bride's portrait there because it was such a gem in the desert. I couldn't have been happier when Neal and Belen explained to me that this was the same type of tree their proposal had happened. A sentiment that was beautiful AND we could recreate it for memories sake! Cheers to you and your future, newlyweds!