In 2010, I met Jack through a mutual friend and became acquainted with him and his music. Along with being talented in playing a variety of instruments,  Jack actually composes great tunes, too. I was so impressed with his acoustic guitar instrumental, that I listened to the CD quite often. The songs were the thoughtful, therapeutic kind. Brookie says at this time that I had a big influence over her music taste. At some point, the CD pretty much became hers because she also listened to it frequently. It was also around this time that she was learning guitar in school. If I never actually told her then, I know I at least THOUGHT of the incredible pairing these two would be together. But he was away in Paraguay. And she was in high school. 

To make a long story short, a year ago, these two were set up and ARE precisely that powerful duo I imagined. Not only are they two incredible creatives, but they are fun and good people. We are so thrilled for the life they are starting together. Thanks for always journeying with us on a new adventure guys, we love you! 

(The following are a few images from our time with Jack + Brooke. We are still waiting on some images, but they are in the works!)