Sweet Grandma passed away this past month. What an incredible blessing it is to have known her in her strength as a mother, a wife, and a grandmother. She was a powerful force of a woman, in her 5'4", petite body. Her spirit will be greatly missed, but we can only imagine the joyous reunion she is having with her husband!

One thing we've noticed about the funerals we've been to this year, is the way they bring people together. How they bring families together. A funeral only happens once in a person's life, and it's not something to be missed. Rarely is there an event where most, if not all members can be present. It's a unique opportunity for all family members to join in a cause beyond themselves. There's this quiet understanding and compassion among everyone there. There's less reason for drama, or selfishness, because all there are as one--one in purpose to commemorate the life of the person passed. While funerals are a sobering time, we are thankful to have experienced that distinguished unity together. It's a humbling, tender reminder of the sacred nature of the family and of life itself. Of God, and his plan for us.