Spending a good amount of time away from the Arizona heat has been really nice this summer.   After a very intense semester, some serious vacation time was needed, and we felt like we really, really got that. 

A few moments I will always remember from this trip: 

  • making/eating a considerable amount of guacamole every single day (we had to use all the farm avocados before they went bad!)

  • hearing Brooke & Jack strumming on the guitar periodically throughout the day

  • helping my artistic mother assemble a huge family tree banner--a creative project no one should take on alone!

  • boogie boarding with Jordan. Sans baby, side by side, literally catching a wave together so close we were high-fiving. Awesome! 

  • eating at this Mediterranean restaurant (twice) and having the best falafel I've ever had

  • knowing that I had really let down when, after a family movie I got up and danced a wild jig ...Hyper much?

  • going to church straight from the airport (where we had just returned from a camping trip in UT) in our street clothes. In California. In a gorgeous double chapel church building. 

  • Having Milo fall asleep in my arms on the beach. That right there is real mother relaxation  and paradise

  • watching three firework shows from our porch and balcony. Amazing! 

  • taking long walks around the community to admire the charming beach homes and cottages

  • cooking wholesome meals together as a family

  • Jordan losing his wedding ring in the ocean (Okay, maybe I don't want to remember this one :(

  •  taking pictures for the Beus' family and getting to know how genuine they were. They were so sweet with Milo!

  • getting pizza with the Nobles with an incredible view and after, some ice cream at MooTime. I hadn't been in years and it was much missed!

These pictures alone make us want to be back there already. Recent life circumstances have instilled a new mantra for our life together: to collect moments, and not things. Here's to creating those memories through the people we meet, the places we go,  and the dreams we chase!