Not to be confused with our recent bridals of Carlie + Gabe, this bridal session with Kaley + Gabe was also really neat. We got to get out of town and the valley heat for some cool air by the water and the most romantic of mother nature's gifts: wind. Yep, whenever we feel even the smallest breeze coming in, we get giddy (while the bride panics) because that subtle movement captured in a photograph tells a story far more than a posed, still shot. Those are important too, of course, but there's just something about the way a breeze makes a couple huddle closer in. She reaches inside his jacket for warmth and he pulls her closer because they need it. Not because the camera is telling them to. And that's what we want to see! A bride and groom genuinely needing each other and sharing that with us. Isn't that what being husband and wife is all about, too? Spouses growing together by relying more on each other's strengths? Marriage is a pretty wonderful thing.